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UUM Institutional Repository

The UUM Institutional Repository service is developed to host the full-text of published research material produced by members of the University. It is part of the UUM Library Archives. The material in the archive is available to be browsed, searched, read or printed by anyone interested in its content.

What can be placed in the repository?

The emphasis of the repository is on research papers which have been or are in the process of being published. One of the main reasons for providing an open access repository is to increase access to those material which would normally be held behind a subscription barrier. Hence the emphasis on journal literature. However, a range of outputs can be deposited.

Eligible outputs should:
  • have at least one UUM affiliated author
  • be published or have been accepted for publication
  • have copyright clearance for self-archiving

Contact Information

In the main, the repository holds journal papers, conference papers and book chapters. However, the scope of the repository is under review. If there are additional materials you would like to deposit, please contact the Repository Officer.