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Dr. Mohd Zakhiri Md. Nor

Senior Lecturer

School of Law

UUM College of Law, Government and International Studies

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Latest Additions

  1. Md Nor, Mohd Zakhiri (2010) Analytical study of the interaction between fatawa, shariah rulings, resolutions and conventional laws in contemporary Islamic finance in Malaysia with cross reference to the practices in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the Sudan. ISRA International Journal of Islamic Finance, 2 (2). pp. 169-174. ISSN 0128-1976
  2. Md Nor, Mohd Zakhiri (2010) The application of fatawa/ resolutions/ rulings by the judge in contemporary Islamic finance. In: International Conference on Islamic Banking & Finance "Cross Border Practices", 15-16 June 2010, Harun M. Hashim Law Centre International Islamic University Malaysia. (Unpublished)
  3. Md Nor, Mohd Zakhiri (2012) Settlement of Islamic finance disputes:The case of Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. In: International Conference on Mixed Legal Systems, East and West: Newest Trends and Development, 14-15 May, 2012, Malta. (Unpublished)
  4. Md Nor, Mohd Zakhiri (2015) Implementation of Siyasah Shariyyah in the administration of the Islamic State: Observations from the classical works of al-Qarafi and al-Subki. In: First International Conference on Shari'ah Oriented Public Policy in Islamic Economic System, 30-31 March 2015, Hermes Palace Hotel, Banda Aceh. (Unpublished)
  5. Md Nor, Mohd Zakhiri (2014) Roles and challenges of Islamic micro finance institutions in Malaysia. In: 4th ISRA’s International Colloquium of Islamic Finance (IICIF), 3 - 4 September 2014, Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia. (Unpublished)
  6. Md Nor, Mohd Zakhiri (2013) Shari'ah issues of structured products in Malaysian lslamic capital market industry. In: 7th UUM International Legal Conference 2013, 13-14 November 2013, Quality Hotel, City Centre, Kuala Lumpur. (Unpublished)
  7. Md Nor, Mohd Zakhiri and Mohamad, Ani Munirah (2013) Challenges in accepting the e-learning system: the case of e-learners from different backgrounds of study. In: Third International Conference on e-Learning and Distance Learning 2013, 3-6 February 2013, Riyadh. (Unpublished)
  8. Md Nor, Mohd Zakhiri and Mohamad, Ani Munirah (2015) A critical analysis on the practices and implementation of the Islamic Financial Services Act 2013 in Malaysia: Some observations from bankers and shariah scholars. In: Sydney International Business Research Conference 2015, 17th to 19th April 2015, Sdyney, Australia. (Unpublished)
  9. Md Nor, Mohd Zakhiri (2013) Conceptualizing legal and shari'ah compliance risks in generating legitimate profit: An analysis of sale and trading activities and court judgment in Malaysia and United Kingdom. In: Crossroads East and West: Visions of the Economy in the Islamic and Western Legal Traditions, 4-5 February 2013, International University College, Turin, Italy. (Unpublished)
  10. Md Nor, Mohd Zakhiri (2012) Cross-country analysis of Islamic finance dispute resolution: Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. In: International Conference on Innovation Management and Technology Research (ICIMTR), 21-22 May 2012, Malacca, Malaysia.